Healing with Resonant Attention

Miracles happen all the time in medicine. Cancer goes into remission spontaneously; fractures that should take six weeks to remodel heal in two; scoliosis straightens; chronic pain disappears. But how? 

Many modalities can heal conditions that leave modern medicine helpless. Such healings could be called miracles since they defy conventional explanation. But in my own clinic, I see such results nearly every day. When we move away from believing that our physical bodies can only decay and start to understand consciousness as the prima materia, then healing becomes a matter of attention—specifically, what I call resonant attention.

Resonant attention makes various techniques more potent. It’s also highly accessible to the layperson. So I am designing an online training in the principle of resonant attention, as well as some specific bodywork techniques that I use. 

The program will be valuable both to experienced clinicians and to those who simply want to develop their healing capacities for themselves and their loved ones. I recommend it to those who have a basic understanding of anatomy and are ready to trust their intuitive powers and stand in their confidence of the body's miraculous ability to heal. 

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